Shot on film

Everything on this site is shot on film.
I don't photoshop or otherwise edit my photos.

How the funk?

So, where do the oversaturated colors and strong contrasts come from?
Mostly cross–processing, experimentation and luck.

Over the years, I figured out what light and film works best for me, and how to shoot to get interesting results. I recommend Kodak

I use a Nikon N80 F100 and a bunch of old cameras.

Why film?

In a world saturated with technology & instant gratification, a little bit of old school can feel magical.

This website

It's using a custom, no-database setup & my own Javascript code, hosted on Github. In the past, it ran on Movable Type.
It's been online since 2004.


Maciej Szafraniec, nice to meet you. Some multiple exposure shots share copyright with other photographers where indicated.

Check out my film photography and mobile Instagram and who knows, I might start using it one day.